Nouveau and VFIO: A Random Collection of Data Points

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The struggles I faced getting Nouveau + VFIO to work
So, as mentioned in my previous post about VFIO, I’m running nouveau inside of a Linux VM using PCI passthrough. Here are some random tips and notes that I’ve learned. (Kernel: 4.10-rc8) The system shows “no signal” during modesetting. Workaround: Use nomodeset nouveau.modeset=0 kernel parameters to disable kernel modesetting. This, however, disables the nouveau driver, so you won’t be running any graphical applications. Solution: Use nouveau.config=NvForcePost=1 to force a POST on the graphics card.

VFIO, Because I Got Tired of Rebooting My Server

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An adventure on VFIO escapades in Proxmox Linux
Hi! First post. (I’m not sure if anyone will actually read this but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I thought that writing down how I set up VFIO would be helpful, both for me in the future and for anyone else who wants to try the same thing.) Prelude So, at home I had an Arch Linux desktop running a bunch of Docker containers. It acted both as my main computer for tinkering and my server, which is not a good combination for stability or security.